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Bethesda, MD

Amazi Foods

Owned by: Renee Dunn


The Business

Amazi is a woman-owned mindful food company importing and selling dried and roasted plantain chips from Uganda. All of our products are ethically sourced from organic farmers groups, and made in partnership with local Ugandan companies - supporting local supply chain development and job creation. We are on a mission to redefine the plantain chip, impeccably sourcing, crafting, and decluttering a traditionally greasy snack.

Our Story

Our company was officially founded in April 2016, but has been a dream for years. After studying the entrepreneurial environment in Uganda, our founder, Renee, was struck by the high degree of entrepreneurship, yet perplexed by the endless piles of produce brought to market and left untapped. The incredible hustle was paralleled by a stagnation of the local marketplace. There was a persistent lack of business growth, employment opportunities, and variety in product offerings. Issues of competition, waste, and unemployment inspired Renee to explore the possibilities of AgriProcessing - adding value to natural resources - to provide growth avenues for entrepreneurs, unemployed youth, and farmers alike. After tasting her first sweet plantain, she knew she struck gold. Combined with her passion for healthy snacking, she was driven to team up with local companies and organic farming communities to transform these fried goodies into wholesome, mindful morsels.

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