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Welcome to Cureate Connect!

We help make meaningful, valuable connections between small & large businesses.
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Cureate Connect

A procurement platform to connect with and buy from your local supply chain

Cureating values-based supply chains

Cureate (read 'cure-ate') takes a socially-conscious, market-based approach to developing local procurement programs that better serve our communities

Businesses & Institutions


"Our customers have been asking for fresh-baked cookies, prepared vegan meals, BBQ sauce, popcorn and healthy beverages recently. Can you help??"

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Regional Cureators


"Great! I know just the vendors. I’ll give you some options. Once you choose, I’ll place the order, managing all of the communications and logistics, and you receive a single purchase order for everything!"

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Local Vendors


"Order confirmed! Everything will be delivered to the buyer at our agreed upon date and time, and I’ll invoice Cureate. These new connections are really helping to grow my business."

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Partners & Clients

University of Maryland Medical Center
America's SBDC Virginia
LifeBridge Health
George Washington University Hospital
Baltimore Convention Center

How it Works

Your master supplier of local goods

Cureate Connect - How it Works
How it Works - Buyers


You recognize your customer preferences are changing, and people are demanding more healthy, fresh, and locally-sourced products. You understand the importance of supplier diversity and tracking your economic impact through your purchasing power.

Cureate Connect supports:

  • Foodservice accounts at Hospitals and Medical Systems, Universities, Convention Centers, Sports Arenas, Corporate Cafeterias, Hotels, Event Planners/Concierge, and more!
  • Ongoing order fulfillment for foodservice and retail spaces, unique product opportunities through RFP/proposal processes, single transactions for cureated events and meetings.
  • Manage only one contract, and receive only once invoice, for all orders placed — rather than onboarding each vendor individually and paying each separately.
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How it Works - Cureators


We save our stakeholders both time and money by facilitating connections between big and small, with a focus on sustainability and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Cureators have:

  • Experience and relationships with both local vendors and large organizations
  • Access to our exclusive database of vendors
  • The curiosity and passion to forge new connections and find the perfect product, even if it’s not in our system.
  • The tools and technology to be a centralized place for all orders, creating opportunities for both big and small business.
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How it Works - Vendors


Local vendors love working with us because we have created a support network around sales, and we truly want them to succeed. It’s a win-win-win all around!

Vendors benefit by:

  • Getting to see their products on retail shelves
  • Offering wholesale in bulk to larger businesses for stable cash flow
  • Making new connections with businesses and other vendors that may not have been possible otherwise
  • Diversifying opportunities to grow and scale their business
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Local Vendor

My company's reach has expanded significantly. Being a smaller, independent entrepreneur, most of my marketing used to be word of mouth. But in linking arms with a business like Cureate, "It really helped to grow our business because we were able to reach so many more people than we would have on our own."

- Monique Coleman, Custom Cuisine

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Cureate is easy to work with — the aligned visions and goals between are organizations paramount to our local sourcing needs."

- General Manager, Baltimore Convention Center

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Cureate allows creative minds to find one another, create partnership, and build a more resilient local economy. My time with this team has been filled with wonderful opportunities - an environment that encourages the growth and development of its team just as much as we continue to support the needs of our community."

- Kathleen Overman, Cureator

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