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Welcome to Cureate Connect!

We help make meaningful, valuable connections between small & large businesses.
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Your customer craves personalization, and seeks out discovery of the "new". How can we work together in providing a localized experience to your guests?

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How it Works

Our Cureators source and vet local food & beverage entrepreneurs

We'll connect you with emerging and established food and beverage businesses in your area that align with your business goals. From consumer packaged goods, to caterers and dessert-providers - we've got it all.

Sourced and vetted Food & Beverage Entrepreneurs
Upload RFPs to be matched directly with qualified vendors.

Add a request - we'll do the matchmaking!

We make it as easy as possible for you to find the right vendors for your new business opportunities. With our Request functionality, tell us about your procurement needs and budget — we will do the rest! Our team is on hand to deliver the best options for your target audience.

  • "Our shop would like to integrate local snacks and sweets at our Point of Purchase. Our max wholesale price point is $3/unit, tell us your offer!"
  • "Looking for locally-made desserts for our upcoming event. 100 people, less than $5 per person. See attached invite for colors/theme, and send us your proposal ..."
  • "750 sq ft to activate on game days. We’d love a local business to take over the space and pop-up on site. Open to revenue share or per diem rate. Share your concept!"
Upload RFPs to be matched directly with qualified vendors.

Cureating values-based supply chains

Cureate Connect makes valuable connections

Cureate (read 'cure-ate') takes a socially-conscious, market-based approach to developing local procurement programs that better serve our communities. Together we create change and #shiftthedollar back into our local communities, which we track and report through ongoing impact assessments.

One contact, hundreds of businesses

Cureate is a single point of contact that provides a gateway to hundreds of local businesses through Cureate Connect, our proprietary procurement platform. As the prime contract holder, we ensure a smooth purchasing process so you can focus on the other aspects of your business. This means our Buyer partners only have to place orders and pay one account (us!) while having access to a robust small business Vendor network.

Choose Your Plan


  • Icon checkbox checkedAs your prime supplier, Cureate manages all of your vendor contracts, so you'll receive only one Purchase Order, for all orders placed — rather than managing each vendor individually and paying each separately.
  • Icon checkbox checkedAccess to extensive local and regional food & beverage small business database
  • Icon checkbox checkedBrowse vendors by product details, growth stage, certifications & more
  • Icon checkbox checkedUpload Requests & receive proposals in response to your procurement needs
  • Icon checkbox checkedWeekly check-ins to discuss your ongoing order needs and procurement goals
  • Icon checkbox checkedResponsiveness and reliable communication
  • Icon checkbox checkedFood & beverage industry tips on marketing and merchandising your space to drive sales
  • Icon checkbox checkedTrack success stories to share with your team and stakeholders

Connect Plus

  • Icon checkbox checkedAll of the perks of the Connect plan; and
  • Icon checkbox checkedDemand Planning: our team will proactively search for your needs and build a pipeline of suppliers for your operation
  • Icon checkbox checkedAssistance with preparation and management of your Requests, maintaining quality standards for initiatives like sustainability and supplier diversity
  • Icon checkbox checkedMarketing and merchandising support to help inform customers about the local vendors and products that you sell
  • Icon checkbox checkedOngoing internal and external marketing/PR campaigns to tell the story of your work to #shiftthedollar back into our local communities
  • Icon checkbox checkedTeams of more than 10? We have enterprise accounts with a reduced fee per user
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