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We help make meaningful, valuable connections between small & large businesses.
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Cureate Connect is your one-stop resource for finding new business opportunities locally and regionally. We also provide ongoing marketing and business development tips to help grow and scale your business.

Making Valuable Connections

We do business development on your behalf — searching for business owners who have opportunities in real estate, retail, wholesale, and events/catering. Choose your growth goal(s) when you sign-up, and we'll do the matchmaking.

Plans for Vendors


Free, Forever

  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Unique profile page featuring your business, products and current goals - searchable by local & regional Buyers
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Targeted procurement opportunities that fit your product offerings & stage of growth
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Access to local & regional buyers at universities, hospitals, grocers, hotels, caterers and more!
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Affordable marketing and business development services
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Ongoing technical assistance in order to meet procurement goal needs

Connect Plus

Our 1:1 Consultation Services

  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749All of the perks of the Connect plan
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Quarterly check-ins with Cureate team to discuss set goals for growth
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Proactive business development: we will look for new business opportunities for you
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Assistance with preparation and management of your Proposals in response to RFPs posted on Cureate Connect
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Strategy and execution of marketing campaigns to drive awareness and sales of your products/services
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749Facilitation and execution of brand development work (e.g. defining your mission, values, brand identity, voice, visuals, social marketing strategy)
  • Icon checkbox checked c3ea2af4221d4327a660949a40adef494e173f272d757da8990051e55b7e8749And more…! Let's hop on a call to assess where you’re at and see if working with our team is a good fit for your next stage of business
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